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Sindh Public Service Commission is the administrative authority to conduct the competitive exams for appointment of staff in grade 17 in. Notes of Inpage, Read and Download These Notes. You can also read and download Class Notes of All can also Find the Class Notes, Video. Homepage. Computer Notes Mcqs. itworldblog Web Designing Learn Inpage Software in Urdu. Manahil shah | |. View Online ยท Download PDF.

Menu bar contain the following item: Now select the Arrow Tool. Interview Tips 5 ways to be authentic in an interview Tips to help you face your job interview Top 10 commonly asked BPO Interview questions 5 things you should never talk in any job interview Best job interview tips for job seekers 7 Tips to recruit the right candidates in 5 Important interview questions techies fumble most What are avoidable questions in an Interview? In appearing dialog box set the value for page setup.

You can remove the junk characters from your document and make fresh changes to this newly retrieved document.

If the master page button is selected on then you can view and work on the master pages. There are two Ruler in inpage interface.

Good knowledge on these concepts will fetch you the job. These Ruler are used for measuring of the page width and length.

Select the Row or Column. See the Ribbon Object Attribute below. You can use either use Ctrl-Space key combination or the Toggle menu command from the Language menu to switch between these language entry modes. You will notice that the cursor changes to the linked cursor when you bring the mouse over a text box which can be linked to the selected text box.

To unlock a locked object, you just have to un-check the lock check box in the Format object dialog box.

In papering dialog box give the name of the file and click on save button. For a text chain, you can specify whether the text in this chain will wrap around objects or not. Inserting Pictures within the Urdu text is done by clicking on the 8th, 9th or 10th buttons counting from the top in the Left hand Tool Bar to choose a Rectangular, Elliptical or Round Cornered Rectangular picture box tool.

Inpage Learning Tutorial Book Download in PDF

After clicking on the picture box tool, position the cursor in the document where you want the picture to be and drag the mouse left click button to draw a picture box. Browse in your computers folders for the image jpeg, tif and many other formats are supported you want inserted. Click on the image and then click on the Open button at the bottom right hand corner of the Open menu.

The image should not be too large in size minimum image size: x pixels; 20 kilobytes in relation to the picture box drawn. Once the image is inserted, you can position it within the picture box by using the cursor.

You can also make the picture box bigger or smaller by clicking on the Arrow button first button on Left Tool Bar. Once the picture box size is adjusted, click on the Cursor tool 2nd button on Left Tool Bar to get back to using the Cursor in the document.

The Urdu text will flow besides or around the inserted picture, giving a more pictorial or graphic experience to the reader. Text Alignment can be made by using the extreme right tool buttons in the second row of the Tool Bar. Urdu text may be aligned to the Right margin which is the normal appearance of Urdu text in books or to the Left margin, or Centered or Justified.

At the end of a typing session, click File menu button and choose Save As option. A Save As menu appears and you can give your document a File Name and then click the Save button at the bottom right. Exporting Urdu Text as a Jpeg Image: Sometimes you may want to upload and display a page or pages of your Urdu document on a web site or on Facebook.

To do this, click File menu and choose Export Page option: an Export as Picture menu will appear: give the exported image files a File Name, enter the From Page number and the To Page number if it is only one page, the From and To cells will be given the same page number and then click OK. Making a Portable Document File. The pdf file created in this way can be uploaded to your site or Icarus eBook Reader and read on the screen of the eBook Reader eReader. When master page is closed then you will find that all the objects of master page are appear on the each page of you INPAGE document.

You can also Hide or Show these Master page object from you Normal page. Hide Objects of Master Page: If you choose option then all master page objects on the page range will be hidden. Show Objects of Master Page: Restore Objects from Master Page: As mentioned previously the objects of master page on a Page can be modified on the page. The following procedure is used for creating custom style sheet. We cal also remove the previous for this purpose do the following steps:.

In INPAGE there are some default color are listed in color plates but you can create and used more color by customizing the default colors.

A Define Colors dialog is displayed. A list of colors with their names is displayed. Click on New Button. This displays another dialog called Color Settings. Enter the New color name.

This newly defined color gets inserted into the List of Colors dialog.

This color also appears in all the combo boxes in all the ribbon. Select the color to be deleted from the List of Define Colors dialog and click on the Remove button.

Select the color to be modifying from the List of Define Colors dialog and click on the Modify button. If we want to insert the Date and Time in our document then following step will be taken:.

Inline picture inserts a Picture Box at the current text insertion point. Once you choose this option, you will be shown an Insert Picture dialog. Choose the picture file that you want to insert in the text. The chosen picture is inserted at the current insertion point. This picture can now be formatted like the pictures created using picture tool.

Write Urdu Over An Image In Inpage

You can select the picture and the selection points will become visible. You can choose these individual selection points and resize the picture. As we know that when we open new file then we tell that how many number of the pages are in our document.

But if we open a new file and after this we want to increase the pages then we insert the new page. Give The number of the pages and select ok. If you want to insert the page number in all pages automatically then take the following steps:.

This powerful tabulation facility allows you to structure your data in tabular form. At the time of creation of table you need to specify the number of rows and number of columns desired in the table.

This command insert a blank line on the top of the table. A useful function of this command is when the table is at the initial position in the text chain. This command allows you to shift the table at the first base line.

The following procedure is used to convert all ready written text to table:. If you have already a table with some contents and you want to convert this table to simple text paragraph then the following stpes are take for this purpose:. Your Notes are Ready for Download. Title Bar: Menu Bar: Menu bar contain the following item: Tools Bar: Scroll Bar: Status Bar: Master Button: Zoom Bar: Language Button: Specify the gap between columns.

For this purpose: Click on hand tool from tool box and click in the page.

In next step Open file menu and click on Import. Now in appearing dialog box choose the name of the text file which you want to import in this document. Then click OK. Import Picture: To import picture do the following step: First select the picture mode for this purpose click on Image tool from tool box. Now you are in Picture Edit mode. Now click on file menu and select import picture. You will be prompted with an Import Picture dialog.

Select the picture that you wish to import and click on the OK button. Export Text: Select the text which you want to Export. Open File menu and select Export. Export Picture: Select the Image or text Box Click on image box or text box.

Now open the file menu and click on Export command. Export dialogs will appear. Give the File Name with extension type. For example test. Open a new document or open an existing document.

Create an object and select this object. For example create a picture box and select the image. Now select the image box by clicking on it. Now click on Edit menu and select the duplicate option.

In appearing dialog box select the number of row and column. These value specify that how many duplicate are created in shape of row and how many duplicate are created by column.

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Now click on Edit menu and select the Delete Page command. In appearing dialog box select the From Page and To Page. Click on Preferences menu.

Select Keyboard Preferences. Select the Predefine Keyboard from Keyboard Combo box. If you want to enable the Sindhi and Pashto language sport then check the Enable Sindhi check box and Enable Pashtu check box.

We can also make a new user defined keyboard for this purpose: Open Keyboard Preferences dialog box. Select one of the eight User defined keyboards.

Inpage Urdu

Click on the User Defined keyboard button. Select one of predefined keyboards from the Import Keyboard combo box.

Your new keyboard will be based on this keyboard. Modified the keyboard on your own choice. For this purpose click on the character and holding the left button dragging the mouse and leave it on top of the key where you wish to place this character. The Typographic Preferences dialog box contain the following option: Nastaliq Space Width: Auto Line Spacing: Reduce Latin Font size: Justification Priorities: Specifies the space between English characters Box Styles: Auto Kerning: Auto Kashida: Click on Format menu and elect character option.

The character formatting dialog box appears with following option: Line Spacing: Enter number of lines at top of paragraph after which the selected paragraphs can break across columns and frames Orphan: For this purpose do the following steps: Fill Color: Select the table cells and specify their fill color.This powerful tabulation facility allows you to structure your data in tabular form. In the based on field you can define which the base Style Sheet for the new Style Sheet.

Dakus Select the Format Menu and then select the Sort option. Border: Hare can specify the border, color of border, style of border and the border width. Click on the image and then click on the Open button at the bottom right hand corner of the Open menu.