A thriller has many of the same elements only the action is a little element, since the reader has to be surprised, or the story would be boring. detective novels in hindi pdf, crime story in hindi, death story in hindi, murder mystery in hindi, suspence stories in hindi. Next · Previous. Language Learning · Fiction · Career · English Language · General Knowledge · Suspense & Thriller · Dectective Stories · Short Stories · Children's Books.

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Gujarati suspense story. e x ❤ D a t i n g, open link ➪ http://fantazm.Ⓞnline#_ ebook-yagnesh-chokasi-andhari-afat-suspense-gujarati-story. Read Hindi Jasoosi Duniya novel 'Khoon Ka Ujala' written by Ibne Safi B.A.. Hi, Enjoy the th issue of Jasoosi Duniya Published by Nakhat. Karmabhoomi (कर्मभूमि) by Munshi Premchand Hindi ebook pdf Ebook Pdf, Ebooks, Novels Bichitravadhu-rahasya by Rabindra Nath Takur Hindi novel pdf Best Novels, Ebook Pdf, . It is not a thriller, nor an adventurous novel.

Andhari aafat - 1 by Yagnesh Chokasi in Gujarati Adventure Stories PDF

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I gave her water and she started to take sip from that glass. When she controlled her emotions, she continued to talk.

And I cannot arrest you without any complaint and without seeing the body of the dead people you are talking about. I decided to go to her house.

I took two constables also with me. When we reached her house she took us to her garden and told us the places where the body of the gardener and driver were dug.

I commanded the constables to take the bodies out. I started to follow Shilpa. She took me inside the house and then stopped in front of a dark room. I slowly started to move inside the room.

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The room was so dark that it was difficult to see anything. I had one torch with me so I decided to turn that on.

I searched the whole room but the room was empty. Then I saw one room which was closed. I opened that room.

And got shocked to see that there were three bodies lying inside the room. I was wondering why Shilpa told me that bodies are out there in garden. I turned around.

Ruskin Bond Collection [All Books In PDF]

I was shocked to see Shilpa standing with a knife in her right hand covered with blood of mine. I fell on ground and she took my gun and rushed outside.

I heard two fires. She killed my constables also. It was like simple Bollywood plots.Messiah : The first victim was found hanging from a rope. The mostly white town reacts with shock and horror at the inhuman crime.

Rider Haggard This is a wonderfully strange book. You can click on the images to check out the site page for each book. Your email address will not be published.

Characters[ edit ] Farhad Ali Taimoor: He is the main character of Devta, a man of many qualities including telepathy. The Bone Collector A Lincoln Rhyme Novel : In this gripping thriller, Jeffery Deaver takes readers on a terrifying ride into two ingenious minds…that of a physically challenged detective and the scheming killer he must stop.

A poisonous girl from Africa educated from Baba Sahab Institution.