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adam the missing link pdf. Code Adam is a missing-child safety program in the United States and Canada, originally created by Walmart retail stores in Adam: The Missing Link. i. Ancient Mesopotamia. Adam: The Missing Link. ii. As an undergraduate student at CALTECH in the late s, I was. A missing link pological evidence of the origin of homo sapiens, the biblical accounts of the creation of “Adam”, and the datings indicated by the biblical.

This book illustrates the long-term preservation of certain important technology transfersfrom the Anunnaki civilization to the early civilizations of planet Earth. Stored InformationAdam: SitchinReprinted with permissionAdam: Note the double helix columnboth are grasping. She stands atop a Lion, withweapons on her back and a bow in herleft hand. Cylinder Seal of GilgameshAdam: The workcontains some 3, lines of text and is considered historys first written story.

In my viewthis story is a message left to future generations, by those who knew of the eventsdescribed in the text, and wanted to transfer this information. Gilgamesh and the characters that appear in this story.

To the casual reader, Gilgamesh is the story of a King of Uruk, whose mother is a DivinePrincess and his friend, Enkidu, who is suddenly stricken and dies.

Fearful of death,Gilgamesh seeks out his uncle survivor of the Great Flood to achieve immortality. To me, Gilgamesh is much more than just the above story. It includes a procreationrelationship between a god and a human. In Genesis 6: The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. These were the mighty men that were of old, themen of renown.

Gilgameshs mother was a Divine Princess and his father was human. If we look factually at Gilgameshs friend, Enkidu, we see that the Anunnaki sent a clonedman to help the people of Uruk. Enkidu is described as a wild hairy man with enormousstrength.

He is civilized by a local harlot and becomes best friends with Gilgamesh. Initially they fight, with equal strength, but as they look into each other eyes, they seethemselves.

In we are currently on the threshold of cloning babies, yet in this 6, year oldstory we are told of the ability to clone a material match of a grown man. Chapter 1Adam: Seeing the handsome King of Uruk,she lusts for his love. She leaves above the orbiting Mother ship and descends viashuttle craft and whirlwind to meet with Gilgamesh and make her proposal.

Gilgamesh rudely refuses. This refusal not only angers Ishtar, it infuriates her. She returnsto the Mother ship and threatens Anu her grandfather and leader of her clan in order togain possession of the Anunnakis most powerful machineThe Bull of Heaven. Takingthis laser-like device back down to Uruk, she begins to blast huge foot deep cratersin the streets, killing hundreds of people. Gilgamesh and Enkidu attack The Bull anddestroy it, hurling part of it at the retreating Ishtar.

In this 6th tablet we are told about one of historys most incredible women- Ishtar.

ADAM the Missing Link

She isdescribed as the Goddess of Love. We learn that she has the favor of Anu describedby the Sumerians as the leader of the Anunnaki those who gave everything to makelife possible. We also see that Ishtar is able to travel from Anus place down to earth andback again. Armed with the powerful trencher, she gives vent to her rage. A year old life-size statue of Ishtar shows her remarkable beautyand her space helmet and suit. Ancient Egyptian Flying Vehicles.

Gilgameshs adventures led him tohis great Uncle Ziusudra who tells him the secret story hidden from humans, of how hewas chosen to save humanity.

The story encompasses the advanced knowledge that theAntarctic ice shelf would slide into the ocean producing an enormous tidal wave. Thesecret meeting of the council of the 12 Great Lords of the Anunnaki in the course of whichEnlil obtains their sworn oath not to save anyone.

Enkis dream message from theCreator of All, describes the plan to have Enki tell the wall of his sons home Ziusudra how to build the water tight vessel that will save humanity.

After the water subsides andthe vessel is grounded, the message of this Epic is revealed. Furious that humanity hassurvived, Enlil confronts Enki and accuses him of breaking his oath. Enki describes hisdream and declares that it was destiny that brought them to this planet to create humanity,and that it is destiny that humans are to inherit planet Earth. Enlil is persuaded that if theCreator of All has revealed their destiny, then they must help humanity to survive.

Enlilrelents and bestows long life to Ziusudra and his wife. The brothers lock arms in a sign ofunity. RA helmet a term that literallymeans that which makes go far into universe.

SitchinReprinted withpermissionAdam: The Missing Link6It was from this historical juncture that the Anunnaki helped advance humanity throughincredible transfers of technology and agriculture to the Sumerians. Historians are still unable to explain the sudden arrival of The Sumerian Civilization. Itproduced so many firsts The Sumerians built many cities with significant architecturalbuildings and temples. Enlil giving the plow, Enki bringing animal husbandry, astronomical map of our complete solar system showing their planet Nibiru.

NASA sent these images out into space to show who we are, where the space craftcame from, and the location of our star in our galaxy. The story of Gilgamesh contains Stored Information that informs us of: There was interface between earthlings and the Anunnaki as shown when the peopleof Uruk plea for relief from their Kings bad behavior, and the Anunnaki create Enkidu. The dramatic story of the Great Flood is told; the message implied is that the destiny ofEarthlings, created by the Anunnaki, is to inherit the Earth.

Ishtar, with her space helmet and shuttlecraft, is able to travel back and forth betweenEarth and the Mother ship. The Bull of Heaven, a powerful laser device, is capable of trenching and levelingmountain tops. When this small 2. The diagram of our solar systemwith 10 planets is presented in remarkable scale.

Creating this very small and beautifully detailednegative image on this very hard polished hematite cylinder,demonstrates an extremely advanced technology. The engraveddiagram of our solarsystem reveals theexcellent astronomicalknowledge of thecreators of this S. Stored InformationDevice.

The first spoken language was Sumerian. Pioneers 10 and 11, which proceeded Voyager in out-stripping thegravitational attraction of the Sun, both carried small metal plaques identifying their timeand place of origin for the benefit of any other spacefarers that might find them in thedistant future.

The Voyager message is carried by a phonograph record a 12 inchgold-plated copper disk that contains sounds and images portraying the diversity of lifeand culture on Earth. A NASA committee chaired by Carl Sagan produced imagesand many natural sounds such as the surf, the wind, thunder, birds, whales, and otheranimals. To this they added musical selections from different cultures and eras, and spokengreetings from Earth-people in fifty-five languages.

Voyager Interstellar Outreach ProgramAdam: The Missing Link11Carl SaganCarl Sagan described by Elz Cuya as a scientist, philosopher, and poet popularizedscience, an otherwise cold discipline reserved for the academic world. And with hiseloquence and humanity, Sagan brought science to the foreground for all of us to pokeat, question and marvel. His s television series Cosmos discussed other galaxies, challenged our notions ofplanetary systems, and probed the origins of life.

But unlike most scientists, Sagan didntdismiss the topics of science that captivated peoples imaginations and fantasies such asastrology, UFOs, the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the theories of space travel.

Elz Cuya went on to state, Yet Sagan never took the elitist stance as a disciple of thescientific world. He humanized it, making it less sterile. He renamed the scientific method,The Baloney Detection Kit. He admitted that science at times had been wrong. However,if a hypothesis is wrong, it provides a structure to find out whats right.

Indeed, Saganhad the ability to enlighten the world while at the same time, humbling us in our humanity.

Sagan said, Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known. The back cover of Carl Sagans book Contact shows the author leaning against abuilding with the Winged Planet design engraved on this structure above his leftshoulder. He names aspaceship Gilgamesh. When coupled with Dr. I suspect that Dr.

Sagan was a believer who wanted to signal his beliefs,without overtly confronting the scientific community. Chapter 2Adam: It was written in cuneiform text onseven tablets, each containing between and lines.

There are many translationsof this Epic E. Speiser Princeton, , and L. George Smith was the first to publish his translations in , under the title The ChaldeanGenesis. The discovered language was Akkadian written in an old Babylonian dialect. Anearlier version written in Sumerian suggests that the Epic traces its origin to the Sumeriancivilization. This civilization is credited with inventing cuneiform writing and thus it mightbe assumed that Enuma Elish dates back 6, years or earlier.

As with almost all ancient stories, years of oral transfer occurred before writing wasinvented. It is also my assumption that Enuma Elish was given to the Sumerians, as acreation story, by the Anunnaki.

The fact that there were seven tablets and many parallelsto the accounts in Genesis, caused some scholars to suggest that the Genesis narrativeswere rewrites of the Sumerian story. The god finished his creation work within the spanof six tablets. On the last and 7th tablet, god exalted in the handiwork and greatness ofhis creation.

The story of how our solar system cameto its current configuration is traceable to the events described in this Epic. As interpretedby Zacheria Sitchin Pg. Nibiru enters the system from aclockwise direction, encountering the watery planet Tiamat, and Nibirus moon Northwind blasts a hole in Tiamat.

This collision forced Tiamat into a new orbit and iscurrently the planet Earth. The excess debris from this collision formed the Asteroid Belt The Hammered Bracelet and the comets orbiting in the same clockwise direction asNibiru. According to Sitchins translation, Nibiru was captured by Neptunes gravity andpulled into its current 3,year orbit around our Sun. This celestial collision could havebeen the contact that seeded planet earth with life-producing DNA.

Chapter 3Adam: The Missing Link13Enuma Elish: When on high the heaven had not been named,Firm ground below had not been called by name,When primordial Apsu, their begetter,And Mummu-Tiamat, she who bore them all,Their waters mingled as a single body,No reed hut had sprung forth, no marshland hadappeared,None of the gods had been brought into being,And none bore a name, and no destiniesdetermined--Then it was that the gods were formed in the midst ofheaven.

Lahmu and Lahamu were brought forth, by namethey were called.

Other books: THE HEIR EBOOK

Long were the days, then there came forth Anu was their heir, of his fathers the rival;Yes, Anshar's first-born, Anu, was his equal. Anu begot in his image Nudimmud. This Nudimmud was of his fathers the master;Of broad wisdom, understanding, mighty instrength,Mightier by far than his grandfather, Anshar. He had no rival among the gods, his brothers. They disturbed Tiamat as they surged back andforth,Yes, they troubled the mood of TiamatBy their hilarity in the Abode of Heaven.

Apsu could not lessen their clamorAnd Tiamat was speechless at their ways. Their doings were loathsome unto. Their way was evil; they were overbearing.

Klarfeld Marshall - Adam the Missing Link

Then Apsu, the begetter of the great gods,Cried out, addressing Mummu, his minister: Apsu, opening his mouth,Said to resplendent Tiamat: By day I find no relief, nor repose by night. I will destroy, I will wreck their ways,That quiet may be restored. Let us have rest! She cried out aggrieved, as she raged all alone,She uttered a curse, and unto Apsu she spoke: Should we destroy that which we have built? Their ways indeed are most troublesome, but let usattend kindly!

Then you will have relief by day and rest by night! As for Mummu, he embraced him by the neckAs that one sat down on his knees to kiss him. Now whatever they had plotted between them,Was repeated unto the gods, their first-born. When the gods heard this, they were astir,Then lapsed into silence and remained speechless.

Surpassing in wisdom, accomplished, resourceful,Ea, the all-wise, saw through their scheme. The Missing Link15My instinct, when I first read this story of the formation of planet Earth and our moon Kingu , was to search for facts that might support these events.

Stored Information Text category. The depth of the Mariana Trench is 6. Mount Everest could stand in this hole and one mile of water would coverits peak. If there was not a similar land mass on the other side of the planet to balancethe rotating sphere, then an out of balance condition would exist.

Thus the out ofbalance forces being exerted today are still working to correct for the loss of mass causedby the impact of Nibirus moon Northwind. It is called continental drift.

After these revelations of how our solar system came to its current condition, Enuma Elishcontinues with the story of the creation of humanity. This story will be discussed in Chapter6. Examining anaccurate globe of our planet, it is not difficult to imagine that without the Pacific Ocean,our planet could have long ago been gouged by a collision.

The Marianas Trench, 6. If Mount Everest were located at this site, there would still be onemile of water covering its peak. Hole in Planet EarthAdam: The Missing Link18Richard FeynmanIn the spring of , as my curiosity peaked regarding what I perceived as advancedscientific knowledge appearing in Genesis, I was able to obtain vital insights from myphysics professor Richard Feynman.

Feynman was my most talented teacher. He could explain Einsteins Theory of Relativityin such a dramatic way that I was able to comprehend it. He was an extremely advancedforecaster of the direction that our technology was headed. I remember one lecturewherein he held up his pack of cigarettes and declared that one day the Library ofCongress would be stored in a volume equal to that package.

ADAM, The Missing Link

He titled that lecture, Roomat the Bottom. He was so far ahead of todaystechnology, that his vision of an advanced storage system predicted that informationwould be stored using molecular layers. As social chairman of Fleming House at Caltech, I was responsible for inviting facultymembers to dine with the troops once a month. This is how the opportunity presenteditself, for me to have a one-on-one conversation with Dr.

My question to him was, Dr. Feynman, do you believe in UFOs? His answer, Klarfeld,I believe in the Law of Probability. Of the billions of stars in our galaxy and the billions ofgalaxies in the universe, the Law of Probability says there are 10, systems just like oursin every detail. Our star is one of the youngest of the 10, systems. If any of the otherssurvived their space age, they could have explored us. Yes, I believe in UFOs.

Today, as I have put together the irrefutable physical evidence of the work of theincomprehensibly intelligent species that occupied our planet thousands of years ago, Ihark back to Richard Feynmans answer to my UFO question. Chapter 4Adam: The Missing Link19Dr. Klarfeld, I believe in the Law of Probability. Of the billions of stars in our galaxy and the billions of galaxiesin the universe, the Law of Probability says there are 10, systems just like ours in every detail. Our staris one of the youngest of the 10, systems.

If any of the others survived their space age, they could haveexplored us. Richard Feynman, Nobel PrizeAdam: The Missing Link20Connecting the DotsHaving convinced myself that the story of the collision between Tiamat and Nibirus moonNorthwind, as described in the Enuma Elish story, could have resulted in an Earth thatlost half of its mass, I set out to collect as much physical evidence that I could find thatwould prove the presence of the Anunnaki on Earth thousands of years ago.

Stonehenge was my first project. Research has revealed that before the Sarsen Circleof upright stones was erected, a foot diameter circle of 56 chalk holes, 3 feet indiameter, was created.

These are called the Aubrey Holes, in honor of John Aubrey. Theydeclared that Stonehenges locationlatitude 51 degrees 11 minutes, was a very speciallocation for eclipses of the moon.

This location produces moon eclipses in the repeatingsequence of 19 years, 19 years, and 18 years. Thus if the white3 foot diameter chalk holes were covered by a black stone, that was moved around thecircle in sync with the passage of moon cycles, the black stone would arrive at the heelstone position, on the exact day when a moon eclipse would occur.

Eclipse computer. How could this stone computer have been created without the precise knowledge of thecelestial mechanics of this unique geographic location? Certainly this was not the work ofthe early tribes that lived on this Salisbury Plain, thousands of years ago. Chapter 5Adam: A number of the Aubrey holes are also visible.

The Heel Stone can beseen in the lower right. It is comprised of a circular bank, ditch, and the counterscarp bank of about feet meters in diameter. Just inside the earth bank is a circle of the 56 Aubreyholes. The Missing Link22This S. Stored Information Device clearly displays enormous information about planetEarths celestial relationships with the Sun, the Moon and the rotational speed of ourplanet.

Following the stone computer, came the erection of the 30 upright stones that formed theSarsen Circle, feet in diameter. My question was why 30? I divided degrees by30 and discovered the number The number 12 is one of the most important numbersin the Anunnaki civilizationtheir Pantheon consisted of the Twelve Great Anunnaki gods,they declared 12 months in one year, 2 twelve hour parts of each day, they created the12 signs of the Zodiac.

These Sarsen uprights are harder than granite and weigh 25 tonseach. They were quarried at Marlborough Downs using tools not locally available at thattime, and then these huge stones were transported over 20 miles to this site. The final construction placed each upright stone into the ground, forming the footcircle with the top level of all 30 stones extraordinarily attaining the identical elevation.

The tops of these uprights were linked by a continuous ring of 30 horizontal Sarsen lintels, Pg. These lintels were anchored inplace by tenon joints pin and hole in the vertical plane , and tongue and groove in thehorizontal plane. I believe that this is the first manifestation of a temple structure, using tallvertical columns and with caps stones to tie the columns together. When I realized all of the intricate details that were accomplished in this part of theStonehenge complex, plus the ton Sarsen Trilithon sighting structures, erected inside ofthe Sarsen circle, with much heavier lintels, I could only conclude that an enormouslyadvanced intelligence built these structures.

Stored Information Structure. This construction technique appeared later at many temples in Egypt, Greece and Rome.

Those structures were rectangular, rather than the circular shape of Stonehenge. The Missing Link Landing Platform The colossal Roman ruin at Baalbek, Lebanon was built on a telmound, indicating a place that had long been held sacred. Why the Romans built thislargest and tallest temple, to their god Jupiter, 1, miles from Rome, is the key question. The Roman construction was built on top of an existing 5,, square foot platform.

The scale of the Roman project, so distant from the center of their empire, indicates thatthis site was extraordinarily sacred. Zecharia Sitchins research led him to conclude that the original platform was the majorlanding site of the Anunnaki. The six columns with their capstones still attached, are the remainsof the Jupiter Temple. The other temple was dedicated to Venus. The northwest corner of this platform is anchored by 3 of the largest stones ever used inany construction on our planet!

These stones measure 64 feet long by 14 feet by 14 feetand each weigh over 1, tons. The St. Louis Arch weighs tons. The builders ofthe landing platform quarried these megalithic stones, transported them one-half mile uphill to the platform site, lifted them 36 feet on top of the carefully prepared foundationcourse, and fitted them perfectly end to end. Our best 21st century technology can notduplicate this feat! The partial quote displayed on Pg. If this platform was built pre-flood olden times , then the design should be classified asurvival success.

Another super large stone has been found under the Western Wall inJerusalem. It is possible that Solomons Temple was built on top of another Anunnakistructure. This very ancient 5,, square foot platform is an engineering marvel made of stoneand assembled without the need of mortar. The amazing construction achievements presented at Baalbek qualify this platform as amajor S. The largest of which weighs tons, and is 44 ft. Eridu, Nibru-ki, Shurubak, Sippar, all were gone, completelyvanished;But in the Cedar Mountains the great stone platform in the sunlightglistened,The Landing Place, in the Olden Times established, was stillstanding!

One after another the Whirlwinds upon the platform landed;The Platform was intact; at the launch corner the huge stone blocksHeld firm. The Landing PlatformAdam: Enlil, by the heat of the sun afflicted, for a place of coolness andshade was searching. To snow-covered mountains on the Edins north side he took a liking. The tallest trees he ever saw grew there in a cedar forest.

There above a mountain valley with power beams the surface heflattened. Great stones from the hillside the heroes quarried and to size cut. To uphold the platform with skyships they carried and emplacedthem. With satisfaction did Enlil the handiwork consider,A work beyond belief indeed it was, a structure of everlasting! Giza Pyramids Shuttle craft re-entering from earth orbit must be carefullyprogrammed to land safely at a predetermined location.

Today, NASA has the necessaryground support systems after years of building a huge infrastructure. When our planetwas void of any such systems, those who built the landing platform at Baalbek, requirednavigational landmark beacons necessary to repeatedly locate this landing site. Using the natural twin peaks of Mount Ararat, a navigational linecould be projected between the two Giza Pyramids and Mount Ararat, thus locating theBaalbek platform. The landing platform at Baalbek waslocated by the line drawn between Mt.

Ararat and the brilliant glow of the GreatPyramid. To achieve structural stability for theenormous tonnage of the Pyramids at Giza,a proper foundation was required. Agranite mountain top was leveled with apower beam, similar to the one used to prepare for the Landing Platform perhaps theBull of Heaven.

Over spray? One of the most remarkable features of these two Pyramids is that when originallyfinished, all 8 sides were covered with optically polished casing stones. These mirroredsurfaces reflected sunlight with a brilliance that could be seen hundreds of miles in alldirections.

The precision with which the casing stones were made and installed Pg. Stored InformationStructure. Chapter 5 Z. Artificial peaks thereon we can raise! So did Ningishzidda to the leader say,On a tablet the image of smooth-sided, skyward rising peaks for them he drew. If it can be done, let it so be! Enlil with approval said.

Let them also as beaconsServe! By the Anunnaki, with their tools of power, were its stones cut and erected. Beside it, in a precise location, the peak that was its twin he placed;With galleries and chambers for pulsating crystals he designed it.

When this artful peak to the heavens rose, to place upon it the capstone the leaderswere invited. Of electrum, an admixture by Gibil fashioned, was the Apex Stone made.

The sunlight to the horizon is reflected, by night like a pliiar of fire it was,The power of all crystals to the heavens in a beam it focused. GUG pulsating stone in coffer 27 pairs of slotted holes in Grandbelow 5 hollow compartments Gallery, held radiating crystalsPage 47 paragraph 5 Page 47 paragraph 5The BeaconAdam: The Missing Link30The foundation a granite mountain top was leveled to an amazing degree.

Each basecovers more than thirteen acres, with no corner higher or lower than one-half inch. Thisnear-perfect leveling, far exceeds the finest architectural standards of the present day.

The four faces of the pyramid are slightly concave. The centers of the four sides areindented with extra-ordinary degree of precision. This effect is only visible from the air. The curvature designed into these faces of the pyramid exactly matches the radius of theearth.

The Missing Link31PyramidsAdam: The Missing Link32PyramidsAdam: The Missing Link33The Great Pyramid was originally encased with smooth white optically polished limestoneblocks. These stones were polished on all six sides, to a tolerance of 0.

Theresulting acre mirror surfaces reflected sunlight to every horizon, creating the mostoverwhelming sight on Earth. Legendary Egyptologist Sir William Flinders Petrieexpressed his astonishment at this feat by writing, Merely to place such stones in exactcontact would be careful work, but, to do so with cement in the joint seems almostimpossible; it is to be compared to the finest opticians work on a scale of acres. Hundreds of these casing stones are still glued at the top of the middle pyramid, proof ofthe Incredible adhesive power of this glue, and its durability over the past 10, years!

Although it has been tried, no one has been able to replicate this glue today! The hypothesis that the limestone that constitutes the major pyramids of the Old Kingdomof Egypt is man-made stone, is discussed.

Samples from six different sites at thetraditionally associated quarries of Turah and Mokattam have been studied using thin-section, chemical X-Ray diffraction. The results were compared with pyramid casing stonesof Cheops, Teti and Seneferu. On the other hand the Cheops and Teti casing stones are limestoneconsisting of: The pyramidcasing stones are light in density and contain numerous trapped air bubbles, unlike thequarry samples which are uniformly dense.

If the casing stones were natural limestone,quarries different from those traditionally associated with the pyramid sites must be found,but where?

X-Ray diffraction of a red casing stone coating is the first proof to demonstratethe fact that a complicated man-made geopolymeric system was produced in Egypt 4,years ago. Originally feet, 5 inches tall and measuring feet along its sides, the base covers an area of 13acres. Constructed from approximately 2. Additional facts indicating that the builders were NOT the Egyptians: The massive granite stones in the inner chambers, have a Mohs scale mineral hardnessof 5 to 6.

The copper and bronze tools used by the Egyptians had a hardness of 3. The rectangular passageways penetrating deep into the granite foundation, and theinterior granite coffer, could not have been produced with copper or bronze tools. The foundation a granite mountain top was leveled to an amazing degree. Measurements throughout the pyramid show that its constructors knew of theproportions of pi 3.

Measurements of each base show that the builders knew the precise spherical shapeand size of Earth, Venus, Mars, and Mercury. The Great PyramidAdam: The Missing Link35Today, 10, plus years later, hundreds of these remarkable casing stones are still gluedat the top of the second pyramid, demonstrating the incredible adhesive power of the glue.

As Egyptologist Sir William Flinders Petrie stated, Merely to place such stones in exactcontact would be careful work, but to do so with cement in the joint seems almostimpossible; it is to be compared to the finest opticians work on the scale of acres. The possibility that the builders manufactured the casing stones Pg.

Skills exceeding those possessed by current 21stcentury technology. Not contentto provide themselves with navigational beacons, the builders stored enormous volumes ofscientific and mathematical information for future civilizations to decipher. Giza Pyramidsare S. Stored Information Structure 4. Easter Island Those orbiting planet Earth thousands of years ago required additionalvisual navigational aides to work in conjunction with the Beacons at Giza.

An ideal system shouldinclude available reflective beacons on every revolution. Easter Island is located almost 12hours ahead of Giza. The statues that ring the perimeter of Easter Island, all face east,with their faces slightly up turned.

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The polished white coral eyes that were found on thesestatues, should have reflected the suns rays vertically to produce a second Beacon. Thetop hats could also reflect the sun if polished white coral had been applied to thesesurfaces. Some of these statues were anchored atop of cyclopean walls. This type ofconstruction was favored by the builders of the Baalbek platform and the Giza Pyramids. The discovery of this type of masonry on Easter Island is evidence of whom the statuebuilders were.

Human ears lengthen during the aging process. All Easter Island statueshave extra long ears, big noses, and beards. Using statues to produce night time light is illustrated on Pg. The Atlantes statuesappear to depict a row of robots that were armed with gas-fired devices at the extremeson their right side.

These jet-gun like tools were depicted to produce flames from men withback packs. See center sculpture. If the real life robot warriors were stationed in a line,and signaled to produce fire light at night landings , the right arms could have pivotedout and upward until their arms were locked in an upright position held in place by thehuge magnets that surrounded their right ears. Their chest plates and backside shieldscould have held the fuel. Could these containers, made from material not found inLaos , be an additional Beacon used by landing shutlecraft?

Landing sites were at Baalbek and Nazca. Plain of JarsAt the northwest corner of France, thetown of Carnac contains Megalith Stones in parallel rows, thatmay have served as an additionalvisual navigation array for orbitingspace ships.

Cyclopean Walls The oldest discovered use of stone structures, known as cyclopeanwalls, was found at Baalbek, Lebanon.

This massive platform 5,, sq. The top level in the northwest cornerconsisted of the three largest stones ever used in any construction project on the planet. These megalithic stones each weighing 1, tons were precisely placed on top of thefoundations courses.

The survivability of this type of stone arrangement is a colossaltestimony to the skill and knowledge the builders. Perhaps you mean Adam who was the first person created - Man. People sin every time they do something they know is wrong - that's what sin is. Adam and Eve started it, but you and I keep it going by disobeying what God and our conscience says is the right thing to do. A definition of sin is - missing the mark.

Sin is missing the mark sin is being unlike God. Adam Zane, who played his sidekick. Unsure of any others However, they didn't try to land on any of the islands, and they weren't even known as "the Gilbert Islands" back then. The book of Genesis doesn't indicate how many ribs Adam started out with. It even doesn't say which side of the rib cage supplied God with the means for creating Eve.

The only thing that's known for sure from the Biblical account is that Adam ended up with one rib less than he started out with, and that the missing rib went into making Eve.

See the related link below for song on YouTube. The first mention of the man's name is here: Genesis King James Version KJV 19 And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof.Pauling was our guest at dinner, I asked him, Dr.

However, they didn't try to land on any of the islands, and they weren't even known as "the Gilbert Islands" back then. Finishing his famous scribble. He told us to please put a square root of 2 in front of this formula. This is how the opportunity presented itself.