EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS. The Barsoom Series. A Princess of Mars, , HTML1 · HTML2 · EPUB. The Gods of Mars, , HTML1 · HTML2 · EPUB. Series Description. Barsoom is a fictional representation of the planet Mars created by American pulp fiction author Edgar Rice Burroughs. The first novel, A . Download thousands of free ebooks - ePUB, eReader, PDF, Plucker, Mobipocket , and other formats that work with your site, iPad, iPhone, Nook, Android.

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John Carter: Barsoom Series (7 Novels) a Princess of Mars; Gods of Mars; Warlord of. Mars; Thuvia, Maid The best pdf i at any time read. It is one of the most. john carter barsoom series pdf. Series. Burroughs began writing the Barsoom books in the second half of , and produced one volume a year between Get Instant Access to A Princess Of Mars (Barsoom Series) By Edgar Rice Burroughs #bf EBOOK EPUB. site PDF. Read Download.

On the last trip, my guard killed the only tree reptile I've ever seen. The mighty thoat lurched heavily to the mossy ground.

The riders catapulted over his head. In an instant the two had regained their feet; but the thoat lay very still. Carter jerked his long sword from its scabbard and motioned Dejah Thoris to stay at his back. The silence of the forest was abruptly shattered by an uncanny roar directly above them. The tree reptile launched itself straight for the hated man-things.

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Carter lifted his sword and swung quickly to one side, drawing the monster's attention away from Dejah Thoris who crouched behind the fallen thoat. The earthman's first thrust sliced harmlessly through the beast's outer skin.

A huge claw knocked him off balance, and he found himself lying on the ground with the great fangs at his throat. There was no answer. Calling upon every ounce of his great strength, Carter drove his sword into the arbok's neck.

The creature shuddered. A stream of blood gushed from the wound. The man wriggled from under the dead body and sprang to his feet.

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Dejah Thoris! There was no sign of Dejah Thoris. She had utterly vanished. A shaft of light from the rising sun filtering through the foliage glistened on an object at the earthman's feet. Carter picked up a large shell, a shell recently ejected from a silent atom gun.

Springing to the dead thoat, he examined the saddle trappings. The atom gun that he had told Dejah Thoris to fire was still in its leather boot!

He fought in the American Civil war on the Confederate side. In he and his prospector partner struck it rich, but the partner was killed by American Indians and Carter took refuge in a cave, where he was overcome by smoke produced by an American Indian woman, and woke up on Mars.

He effectively disappeared for ten years [while on Mars], and was believed dead, but re-emerged in New York in , settling on the Hudson. He appeared to die in , leaving instructions for Burroughs, who refers to him as an 'uncle', to entomb him in a crypt, and leaving Burroughs with the manuscript of A Princess of Mars with instructions not to publish it for another 21 years.

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He is adept with command, horsemanship, swords and all weapons. He is 6'2" tall, with black hair and steel-gray eyes. There, he encounters both formidable alien creatures and various warring Martian races, wins the hand of Martian princess Dejah Thoris , and rises to the position of Warlord of Mars. Protagonist of the first three novels.

Carter also headlines the eighth, tenth and eleventh books, and is a major secondary character in the fourth and ninth novels. Paxton is a soldier in the First World War who is transported to Barsoom after he is mortally wounded, and becomes the assistant of scientist Ras Thavas. Martians[ edit ] Dejah Thoris : A Princess of Helium; courageous, chaste, and resourceful despite frequent abduction by villains.

The daughter of Mors Kajak, Jed prince or king of Lesser Helium and granddaughter of Tardos Mors, Jeddak king or emperor of Helium, she is highly aristocratic and fiercely proud of her heritage. Tars Tarkas : A Green Martian warrior unusually compassionate among his people, who befriends John Carter and fights many battles at his side.

Carter helps him become Jeddak of his society and negotiates an alliance between them and the city-state of Helium, which results in the destruction of their enemies, the city of Zodanga, at the end of A Princess of Mars ; [4] but Tars Tarkas retains much of his earlier personality.

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Also typically, she is abducted by evildoers who wish to use her for political gain in Thuvia, Maid of Mars , her rescue providing primary motivation for the plot of that novel. Vor Daj : A soldier in John Carter's guard. Principal character in Synthetic Men of Mars , who spends much of the novel with his brain transplanted into a hideous but powerful synthetic body. Love interest of Gahan of Gathol and mother of Llana of Gathol. Environment[ edit ] While Burroughs' Barsoom tales never aspired to anything other than escapism , his vision of Mars was loosely inspired by astronomical speculation of the time, especially that of Percival Lowell , that saw the planet as a formerly Earthlike world now becoming less hospitable to life due to its advanced age.

Abandoned cities line the former coasts. Barsoomians distribute their scarce water supplies via a worldwide system of canals , controlled by quarreling city-states at the junctures thereof. The idea of Martian "canals" stems from telescopic observations by 19th century astronomers who, beginning with Giovanni Schiaparelli in , believed they saw networks of lines on the planet.

Schiaparelli called them canali, meaning "channels" but mistranslated in English as "canals". During the time Burroughs wrote his first Barsoom stories, the theory was put forward by a number of prominent scientists, notably Lowell , that these were huge engineering works constructed by an intelligent race. This view, though utterly false as is now known, inspired much science fiction. The thinning Barsoomian atmosphere is artificially replenished by an "atmosphere plant" on whose function all life on the planet is dependent.

Burroughs presumably derived this from the figures published by Lowell, but erroneously substituted the number of hour Earth days in the Martian year, rather than the number of The days are hot again known to be false and the nights are cold, and there appears to be little variation in climate across the planet except at the poles.

He assumed that Mars was formerly identical to the Earth; therefore a similar evolutionary development of fauna would have taken place. He referenced winds, snows, and marshes supposedly observed by astronomers, as evidence of an atmosphere, and that the wastes of the planet had been irrigated probably referencing Lowell's "canals" , which suggested that an advanced civilization existed on the planet.

Peoples and culture[ edit ] All Barsoomian races resemble Homo sapiens in most respects, except for being oviparous [9] and having lifespans in excess of 1, years though actual life expectancy is far shorter.

None return from this pilgrimage, because it leads to almost certain death at the hands of ferocious creatures. While the Martian females are egg-laying, Martians have inexplicably mammalian characteristics such as a navel and breasts.

Other telepathic abilities are demonstrated across the books. The Lotharians in Thuvia, Maid of Mars , are able to project images of warfare that can kill by suggestion.

They are organized into a system of imperial city-states including Helium, Ptarth, and Zodanga, controlling the planetary canal system, as well as other more-isolated city-states in the hinterlands. The Red Martians are the interbred descendants of the ancient Yellow Martians, White Martians and Black Martians, remnants of which exist in isolated areas of the planet, particularly the poles.

The Red Martians are said in A Princess of Mars to have been bred when the seas of Barsoom began to dry up, in hopes of creating a hardy race to survive in the new environment. Their culture is governed by law and is technologically advanced. They are capable of love and have families. The Green Martians are 15 feet 4. Their eyes are mounted at the side of their heads and can move independently of each other in order to see in two directions at once.

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They are nomadic, warlike and barbaric, do not form families, have little concept of friendship or love and enjoy inflicting torture upon their victims. Their social structure is highly communal and rigidly hierarchical, consisting of various levels of chiefs, with the highest office of Jeddak obtained by mortal combat.

The Green Men are primitive, intellectually unadvanced, do not have any kind of art and are without a written language.

While they manufacture edged weapons, any advanced technology they possess, such as 'radium pistols', is stolen from raids upon the Red Martians. They inhabit the ancient ruined cities left behind by civilizations which lived on Barsoom during a more advanced and hospitable era in the planet's history. Tars Tarkas , who befriends John Carter when he first arrives on Barsoom, is an unusual exception from the typical ruthless Green Martian, due to having known the love of his own mate and daughter.

Thus the followers of Tars Tarkas, based in the ruined ancient city of Thark, are known as " Tharks ". Other hordes bear the names of Warhoon, Torquas, and Thurd.

Okarians[ edit ] Yellow Martians are supposedly extinct, but in The Warlord of Mars they are found hiding in secret domed cities at the North Pole of Mars. At the time John Carter arrives on Barsoom, the Yellow Race is known only in old wives' tales and campfire stories. The only means of entrance to the Okarians' city is through The Carrion Caves, which are every bit as unpleasant as the name suggests.

Air travel over the barrier is discouraged through the use of a great magnetic pillar called "The Guardian of the North," which draws fliers of all sizes inexorably to their doom as they collide with the massive structure.

Their cities are domed hothouses which keep out the cold, but outdoors they favor orluk furs and boots. Physically they are large and strong, and the men usually wear bristling black beards.This article may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards.

The martian mammalian equivalents all have fur, and both domestic and wild varieties are described by Burroughs. The earthman stooped beside the dead thoat's head. They are, like all the humanoid races of Mars, oviparous , i. The Chessmen of Mars is the second example of this trend. December Okarians[ edit ] Yellow Martians are supposedly extinct, but in The Warlord of Mars they are found hiding in secret domed cities at the North Pole of Mars.

The only means of entrance to the Okarians' city is through The Carrion Caves, which are every bit as unpleasant as the name suggests.

In this respect, Burroughs' concept of race, as depicted in the novels, is more like a division between species. Other hordes bear the names of Warhoon, Torquas, and Thurd.