Four Score (Gypsy Brothers, #4). Gypsy Brothers (Series). Lili St. Germain Author (). cover image of Two Roads (Gypsy Brothers, #6). [PDF] [EPUB] Free download or read online Five Miles pdf (ePUB) (Gypsy Brothers Series) book. The first edition of this novel was published in. 6 days ago One Love Gypsy Brothers 7 Lili St Germain - [Free] One Love Gypsy Germain [ PDF] [EPUB] This is a general list of musicals, including.

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(Gypsy Brothers, #4) Four Score - Lili Saint Germain - dokument [*.pdf] Published by Lili Saint Germain This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. Lili St Germain - Three Years (Gypsy Brothers, #5) - dokument [*.pdf] site EDITION Published by Lili Saint Germain This ebook is licensed for your personal. Lili St Germain - Two Roads (Gypsy Brothers #6) - dokument [*.pdf] Published by Lili Saint Germain This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.

In the long hours as my legs cramp and my arms go numb, I fantasize about the different ways it could happen. Maybe I could pretend I was still unconscious and take him by surprise. Hide behind the door and storm him as he enters, dig my fingernails into his eyeballs until they burst. Oh, the pathetic fantasies that swim in my mind.

Thank fuck he takes me to the toilet once a day. I hate him and he hates me and only one of us is leaving this fight alive.

A sharp pain in my arm lets me know the needle has found its vein. I moan as liquid burns a fire inside me, spreading from my elbow to my shoulder and then enveloping my entire body.

He must see the panic in my eyes, because he laughs. At least, not the kind you think it is. Why am I talking?

I curse myself for engaging with him and bite down on my lip to try and wake myself up a little. A sedative. A truth serum of some kind. The name of it swims somewhere in my brain, the brain that no longer has a filter.

I blink slowly, groggily. Well, maybe once. But right here, stripped of every ability to resist his questions, I feel dumb and drugged and completely fucking at his mercy. And so very, very alone. Not even my mind is safe from him now. All of my secrets, the ones buried deep, are his for the taking. Oh, Jesus. Nobody is safe right now. He slides his hand under the thin material and grabs a handful of ass, squeezing tightly.

When I licked you here? But I can tell the truth. Memories of our horrifying tryst come back to me like a tidal wave. His mouth on my most sensitive of places.

The way he filled me, every last part of me smothered by his larger-than-life presence, until I was drowning in his darkness. He seems taken aback. I want to get it out before he punches me or strangles me unconscious.

Seven Sons (Gypsy Brothers, #1) Lili St. Germain

He laughs throatily, regaining his self-control. I moan as the bed springs grab at me, trying to stop me from moving.

I feel my eyes widen as I take a sharp breath, and then the searing, ripping pain begins. It gives the pain somewhere to go - a voice in the world.

But first, he unties me. I wonder why, until he throws me a stained towel that used to be white and gestures to my stomach. The pain is worse than the needlework from any intricate tattoo, and more intense than any blunt-edged knife dipped in fire and pressed to unmarred flesh. It makes me think of the last thing he said before he slammed the door and left me in here. I believe him. Getting the truth from me. My mind already feels a lot clearer than it did, and relief soothes me like a balm.

The words escape my mouth before I can stop myself. Jase blinks and stares at me with a look so scathing, it makes my stomach turn. The smile on my face is still spreading wider as everything goes black and I pass the fuck out.

For a long time, I drift in and out. Everything is either hurting or numb, and I just know the pain is only going to get worse as time goes on. Something rouses me from my napping and I sit up straight, suddenly alarmed. I peer through the passenger window, looking for signs of Jase. Stretching painfully, I unbuckle my belt and shove it off me, opening my door. His face is pinched and tired, worried and exhausted. All my fault.

I can hear him at least, which is reassuring. He looks around us, not a soul to be seen for miles.

In the distance, countless headlights pass us by in rapid succession, telling me we must be close to the interstate. When we reach the car, he opens the passenger door and points to the seat. He sighs, using his free hand to reach across me and tilt the rear-view mirror so I can see myself. As my face comes into focus, I inhale sharply. My face is covered in spattered blood.

Like, a lot of it. Curse Jimmy and his goddamn ugly face exploding all over me. I want to be sick again, and I swallow down a nervous rush of bile.

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Jase ignores my swearing and shuts my door, circling round to his side. I watch as he unscrews the bottle cap, breaking the seal, and takes a handful of tissues from the plastic packaging.

He presses the mouth of the water bottle to the wad of tissues and stretches his arm out of his cracked window, wringing out the excess liquid. I jerk back as he brings the cold, wet tissues to my face, his touch firm but gentle. He stills for a moment, raising the tissues just off my skin, his face questioning me. I nod, and he continues. I watch, numb and cold, as the tissues turn red. More tissues. More water. I mean, he killed Jimmy, so I should trust him, right?

I trust him. But that trust scares the hell out of me. Bitter love stabs deep in my heart, so hard I almost cry out. I bring a hand to my chest, my breathing suddenly shallow and rapid as I fight to remain in control. That reality slams into me like a freight train. But whatever it is, the deep boom makes its way into my chest and strangles itself around my heart, making it thud wildly.

Jase bags up the bloodied tissues and throws them in the backseat before turning to me. His face twists into concern as he watches me hyperventilate.

Requiem for Gypsy Brothers

I open the door, tumbling onto the dirty asphalt that marks the edge of the gas station. Like a rabbit being chased, I skitter around the back of the gas station and pause briefly. Jase rounds up behind me. More banging noises. I bolt.

Gypsy Brothers Series

Why am I running? As I plunge between the stalks of corn they reach out and scratch my bare arms. Weiss - hosted by: The Emmys - in pdf format Jon makes an important decision. Daenerys experiences new consequences. Brienne and Podrick have an unexpected encounter.

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I frown, confused. Locked from the outside. As soon as it enters my vein I feel a rush, a burst of stars that appear behind my eyelids and make them droop.