Psychology of Success, 6th Edition by Denis Waitley () Preview the textbook, download or get a FREE instructor-only desk copy. PSYCHOLOGY OF SUCCESS BY DENIS WAITLEY PDF. A brand-new experience can be acquired by reviewing a book Psychology Of Success By Denis. Denis Waitley is a world-renowned expert and motivational speaker on human performance and potential. Best known as the author/narrator of The Psychology .

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Denis Waitley is a world-renowned expert and motivational speaker on human performance and potential. Best known as. deniS Waitley ShareS a different take on failure and SucceSS. By SANDY CLARKE book, The Psychology of Winning, Waitley . PDF version. The Psychology Of Winning Denis Waitley Read Download PDF/Audiobook 2. downloads/aug/Denis Waitley_The Personal Success; .

Leadership -attracting other people's support and cooperation- is a natural byproduct of positive self-expectancy. I'll be better tomorrow. Wake up happy. Optimism is a learned behavioral attitude. Start early in life- and early in the day- developing positive selfexpectancy. Wake up t o music. Read an inspirational message. Sing in the shower. Breakfast with an optimist.

On your way to work, listen to a motivational tape. Think well of your health. Cure the curable. Prevent the preventable. Eqjoy the rest. Use positive self-talk morning to night. In projecting your health conditions to others, realize your daily conversation is the automatic readout of your thoughts and subconscious emotions.

Use positive self-talk. Too much attention paid to minor health and environmental irritations indicates possible value or pay-off to being sick, a sort of child's variation on "workmen's compensation," which, if habitual, can lead to allergies, aches, absenteeism and exaggerated reactions.

Who Should Read “The Psychology of Winning”? And Why?

Find something good in all personal relationships, and accentuate the blessings or lessons in even the most trying circumstances. View problems as opportunities. After listing your most pressing problems - ones blocking professional and personal fulfillment, write a one-sentence definition of each problem. Now rewrite the definition-this time a s an opportunity or exercise to challenge your creativity or ingenuity.

Imagine you are advising your best friend. Learn to stay relaxed and friendly no matter what tension you're under. Instead of taking part in group griping, single out someone or something t o praise. Instead of being unhelpfully critical, be constructively helpful. When tension or anxiety enter, it's your signal to lower the tone and pitch of your voice; to breath slowly and deeply; to sit back and relax 4.

When people tell you their problems, give them solution-oriented feedback. When the problems are your own, focus on the immediate question-"What's the answer? Remain optimistic by associating with winners and optimists.

You can be realistic and optimistic at the same time. Realistically examine the facts of a situation while remaining optimistic about your ability t o contribute to a solution or to the best among many alternatives.

Synonyms: Desire for change, excitation, urge Antonyms: Fear, compulsion, inhibition Proverb: "Winners dwell on their desires rewards of success , not their limitations penalties of failure. They focus on the rewards of success and actively tune-out fears of failure.

Individuals are pushed away from or pulled toward concepts and people who act a s negative or positive magnets. Winners focus on goals, desires and solutions, always moving in the direction of their currently dominant thoughts.

They dwell on desired results magnificent obsessions , and look at where they want to go, instead of troubled places they may have been or may still hide. People resist change, for it upsets present security.

People will change dramatically when it's a matter of life or death. And people will change happily and effectively when they want to.

A Winner's self-talk: "I want to! I can do it!

The Psychology of Winning Summary

I can't. For each of your goals, make it a habit to repeat again and again, "I want to -I can. Rather than saying "Firings will continue until morale improves" or "I'll divorce you unless you stop drinking1'-motivate with "I've been observing your performance and want you to know how encouraged I am with your progress" or "There's a great play on at the civic theater. Let's go there instead of the club Saturday.

They are part of being human. If any become obsessive, f i s t get a thorough health check-up for an organic association. Then consider professional counseling involving behavior modification, relaxation and biofeedback techniques.

When the problems are your own, focus on the immediate question - "What's the answer? When you start a project, concentrate all your energy and intensity, without distraction, on the successful completion of that project.

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Replace try with will in your vocabulary. This is a form of semantics, establishing a new attitude of dwelling on things you will do, r, rather than on things you plan to t y with its built-in excuse for possible failure.

Focus your attention and energy on the achievement of objectives you are involved with right now. Forget about the consequences of failure. Remember you usually get what you think of most. Make a list of five of your most important current wants or desires. Next to each, write what the benefit or payoff is to you when it's achieved.

Look at this list before you go to bed each night and upon awakening each morning. If there is something you want to do or experience, but are afraid to try, this week seek out and talk to in person someone who currently is doing what you want to do, and doing it well. Whether it is skiing, speaking, selling, earning, hang gliding, or even being a good spouse or parent, find an expert.

Get the facts, and make a project of learning all you can about winners in the field, Take a course, get personal lessons. Generate excitement by mentally seeing yourself enjoying the rewards of success. They know self-image acts a s a subconscious life-governing device: if they can't see themselves doing something, achieving something, they literally cannot do it! They also know the self-image can be changed. The subconscious is incapable of differentiating between a real success and a success imagined again and again, vividly and in full detail.

Behavior and performance usually are consistent with self-image, which is an intricately woven concept made up of all fears, feelings and emotional responses to al l past personal experiences.

What is perceived as real is filtered or shaded differently from. What is frequently imagined as being real often becomes the dominant version of reality. Winners imagine and fantasize who they would most like to become-and the robot self-image reads the script, memorizes it and acts accordingly.

A Winner's self-talk. Walk on the beach, in the country or in a park, recalling your childhood play.

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Dust off and "oil" your imagination. It rules your world. Unselective television viewing breeds tunnel vision and the creative imagination will vanish. Set aside 20 to 30 minutes a day for relaxation. Imagine achieving and enjoying your most dreamed-of desires. Do this as if sou were previewing three television shorts.

Psychology of Success

In one sequence, achieve a professional triumph imagine the award ceremony, promotion announcement or bonus payment. Another scene involves family happiness imagine a special reunion or an outing together. Finally, you alone are relishing some personal victory imagine a tennis or golf championship or a weigh-in at the gym. Get the actual sensation of each event and how good it feels to experience each one. Read a biography of someone you admire each month.

As you read, imagine yourself achieving the same accomplishments.

Where personal development meets the New Age of Awareness! Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude. Being a personal growth advocate like me, I know you are never really content with where you are in life so this program can help you become successful and happy. There is always something to learn, to explore and to discover.

Having a winning mindset and the ability to get the results you are after. All over the world, people are grinding away, working long hours for little reward — and then there are natural born winners who seem to succeed quickly and effortlessly.

Let Dennis teach you how to set your focus for success and enjoy your journey along the way. This is the perfect way to help anyone in your presence to stop stewing and start doing without smothering or micromanaging them.

Winners and successful people think and behave differently than the average person. Do you want to be ordinary living a dreaded existence or do you want to learn the psychology of proven winners?For some it is to eat, for others to get through the day and for others revenge, getting even.

Two words: positive self-talk. Pricing subject to change at any time. Administering aptitude tests to help people make career decisions is best done in middle adulthood, when people's personalities have become more established.

Winners focus on goals, desires and solutions, always moving in the direction of their currently dominant thoughts.